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Grown Green Label

Thinking Green

Grown Green Label

As an industry leader in natural fiber carpet, many of our products are Grown Green. This means they are grown by, sustained in, and biodegrade with nature.

We make every effort to interact with the environment in a positive way, thus keeping the environment as pristine as possible for future generations. Natural fiber products can be described as those made from plant, animal, and mineral sources. Our product line consists of several natural fiber products that meet our standards of Grown Green.


A durable plant fiber harvested from the mature leaves of the agave sisalana plant. The sisal fiber is extracted from the leaves through a process known as decortication, in which the leaves are rolled and crushed until only the fiber remains. The fiber is then dried, brushed, and baled. Because most weeding is done by hand, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in sisal production.


The fiber is collected from the skin, or bast, surrounding the stem of the plant. Jute matures and is harvested in about 4 months. The stalk is cut off close to the ground, tied into bundles and soaked in water for 20 days. The fiber is then stripped from the stalk in long strands, washed in clear water and hung to dry. After 3 days the fibers are gathered into bunches and are ready for market. Jute is a Grown Green fiber that is free from pollution and completely biodegradable.


The fiber is extracted from the skin of the coconut fruit. The ripe fruit is harvested and husked. A curing process then takes place, allowing the coir fiber to be separated from a residue known as pith. The fiber is cleaned, dried, and spun into bundles to be used as yarn. The remaining coir pith is combined with other organic materials and used as compost in soil treatment.


A plant fiber from thick, rigid reeds that are non-porous and smooth to the touch. The reeds are harvested, dried and spun into yarns. The yarns are woven into rugs creating great textural patterns. Seagrass is not dyed and comes in its natural color which will change with age.


An animal fiber sheared from the hairy coat of a sheep. It is luxurious and soft to the touch. Wool carpets and rugs are completely natural, and much preferred over petroleum based carpet products such as nylon. Wool is naturally durable, renewable and biodegradable.

Many of Fibreworks products also contain natural carpet backings. Some of our most common backings include jute, natural latex, and natural rubber. Natural rubber and latex backings are extracted from the Havea rubber tree and contain a mixture of more than 200 natural proteins. Unlike synthetic latex, natural latex is not produced by chemical polymerization.